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Scheduling Treatment Plans

I'm looking for a more efficient way to use the treatment planning function in SoftDent. We document all treatment plans in Softdent but I'm finding when I run the treatment plan report - the report is not accurate because we are not scheduling from the treatment plan screen so all our treatment plans show a status other than "scheduled." When I talk to my front desk about why this report is not accurate, they said it was because 1) it's too tedious to schedule from the treatment plan window (well ok but that's not a good enough excuse and one I can easily overcome with the staff) 2) my financial coordinator says that if you schedule from the treatment plan while a pre-auth is pending with insurance -it will remove and/or mess with the pre-auth regarding that treatment plan. Is this true? I'm basically asking for a best practice in how to utilize this function. My doctor likes to review this report regularly to see how many treatment plans are outstanding/unscheduled and it seems like a lot of work to have manually clean up this report every time the doctor wants to review it. Thanks!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Scheduling Treatment Plans

Hello Kristen, 

To ensure accuracy when running reports that return treatment plan information (such as the Treatment Plan Detailed Breakdown report), the best practice is to always schedule appointments for treatment planned procedures from within the Treatment Plan ledger.  When the "Schedule Appointment" option in the Treatment Plan ledger is used to schedule an appointment, SoftDent associates the procedures on the appointment with the corresponding procedures in the patient's treatment plan.  This is necessary for information on the treatment plan items such as the procedure's "State" to be updated in accordance with the appointment.  For example, when an appointment created this way is completed, SoftDent will mark the treatment plan items as completed and move them to the patient's Archived TP, as it knows the procedures on the treatment plan and the procedures on the appointment are one and the same.  If an appointment is scheduled outside the treatment plan ledger for treatment planned procedures, SoftDent treats them as separate procedures and will not change or update the items in the treatment plan upon completion of the appointment.

In what way does your financial coordinator say preauth claims are messed with when using the treatment plan's "Schedule Appointment" option?