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Canine II


Is there a way to flag a patient who continues to fail appointments and/or is not paying their bill so that staff knows not to schedule this person before talking to management?

We need something that will be very noticeable since many hands are in the scheduler.

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First Molar I

@FandH We are dealing with similar issues in our office.  To me, it's a fine balance between all the many hands in the scheduler trying to keep your books full, versus all the many messages, Team Talk or otherwise, that may overwhelm the same hands/eyes who are trying to keep the books full.

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Canine III

We use the Team Talk Option for things like this.  

Yes!  Team talk is excellent for this.     From Pt screen, hit "O" ( options), then "O" ( other mgmt)  again, then "M" twice.   Team talk options will appear.   Select " This Pt", then "ADD" Select the options you want on the "Show Note " section,  then to the right, select the frequency,  create description such as " DNR _ Do not reschedule" then text note.   ,  Best!! create an audible alarm on the lower left hand corner.!!!    its great!

This works, but an easier way to get there is to use the Powerbar at the top. With the patient already selected click the Team Talk button. As long as you have the correct patient already selected, then the note is for that specific person. 



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