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Premolar III

Searching for documents and images

When importing images into the imaging software, I would like my Favorites to be displayed when I'm looking for the file I want to import. Is there a way to get those to show up?


When importing documents into a patient's chart, I cannot see PDF files without changing the file types displayed. Only image files are shown. Image files take up more room than PDFs, and take longer to scan in. How can I get PDF files to show up immediately without having to choose from the drop down each time?

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Re: Searching for documents and images

PDF is not an officially supported file format in Softdent documents tree , therefor it is not defaulting to show them when importing files 
i know that it is much better option to scan into pdf then import them to SD (at least size wise ) 
i dont know if @tyson_edwards has some information about that being changed in future releases , i know that many of our clients use PDF scan and import method to save files 
what would be even better if we can start scanning and saving as PDF from documents directly 

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