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Premolar III

Signature on File not accepted

When running the Electronic Services, sometimes an error says, "Error 1039 Plan does not accept signature on file".

Is there something that we've set with SoftDent or Electronic Services that creates that message?

Also, by the time we see that message, the patient is long gone. While the claim is created while the patient is here, we don't run the Electronic Services module until later. If we can't get rid of this error, is there a way to make a message pop up while the patient is still here telling us that we need to get their signature?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Signature on File not accepted

Brenda - 

You are correct.  This a setting in SoftDent for each plan and can be changed so it does not continue to happen.  This message will show when the subscriber's insurance plan is not set to accept the signature on file.  It was probably changed unintentionally and can be corrected with the following steps:

1. In SoftDent, click List on the main menu bar
2. Select Ins. Plan
3. Under Sort By, select ID
4. In the Field field, enter the ID in brackets from the validation error, and press Enter
5. Click Edit to view the insurance plan screen
6. Select the Claim Filing tab
7. Click inside the checkbox to the left of Accept Signature on File to add a checkmark.
8. Click OK

NOTE: The claim may need to be cancelled, deleted & resubmitted if the same validation error occurs after the correction

Premolar III

Re: Signature on File not accepted

That worked like a charm! Thanks!

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