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SoftDent: 2023 CDT Code Installation Guide

The SoftDent 2023 CDT Codes are now available! Attached you will find the Installation Guide.

This job aid contains instructions for using the CDT 2023 Update Utility to update the CDT codes in SoftDent
practice management software and is intended for users running SoftDent, v14.0.3 and higher.
Note: If you are using a version of SoftDent prior to v14.0.3, you must upgrade or add the codes manually.

Access all CDT and ICD-10 code information here.

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First Molar I

I think I have asked this question in the past, so forgive me if it has already been answered.  Has this update been corrected so that the providers' Descriptions unchanged ADA codes and provider-specific Modifier codes are not overridden by SD code description?   

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I tested this just now for you using my live data. I created a modified code; 1110.1. That code remained untouched by the update. I also changed the description on 2 of the standard ADA codes.  1110 to Adult Prophy and 6740 to Abutment. The update changed these descriptions back to the default descriptions given by the ADA. 

Help this helps.  🙂

SD powers at Be, would really help us alot, if they would correct this issue. 

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