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SoftDent -- Different Hours for Different Rooms

Is there a way in SoftDent to create different hours for different rooms (or different colums). Say Room 1 we want hours from 7a to 3p but Room 4 we want from 7a to 5

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

The best way to handle varied hours per column is with the use of BLOCKS. Create a block on the columns during the times you are not placing any appoints. If the times are consistent from day to day, then you can create all the blocks on one day and then copy out to the future by going to Scheduler>Setup Goals and Colors. Single click on the date with the blocks set up that you wish to repeat into the future. Click "COPY COLORS" located on the options bar.  Select to repeat however many days into the future you wish to go.

****Make sure not to have any extra blocks on the day you copy from!