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Canine III

SoftDent Extremely SLOW

12-16-2020 7:10 a.m. -- Once again we are experiencing severe lag and general slow response.  

This is ridiculous.  No office can run a practice efficiently using Carestream products.  This is entirely unacceptable.  I am tired of the general "we've identified an issue and are working to correct it".  There is a systemic issue that Carestream is not addressing. 

When are we going to get real answers?




Premolar I

We are having the same issue and with a heavy snow storm coming our way weare desperate to get people rescheduled and now we are totalluy helpless! I think SD needs to credit everyone's accounts for this downtime! Especially when we have to post notes the next day which is time consuming.  This is so frustrating!

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Canine II

We are as well. Seems to be every day mid morning.  Very frustrating. 

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Beyond frustrating. None of us are getting we have paid for. Moreover, this cripples practices. The management team are Carestream doesn't seem to care whatsoever.
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