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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

SoftDent - Tip - How to Display History Appointments On the Scheduler

If you cannot go back and view appointments from past days, there is a simple process to fix that problem:

Step 1:  Setting the Scheduler to Save History Appointments

1. In the main menu tool bar Click System > Change System Settings > Scheduler
2. Put a check in the box labeled "Save appointments to history when transaction is posted".
3. Click OK

Step 2:  Running the Missed Appointments Report to Make the History Appointments Visible

1. In the main menu bar Click Reports > Missed Appointments
2. Select the desired output option by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
3. Review the "Missed Appointment Report Setup" window. 

Make certain that the date in the field labeled "List All Missed Appointments On Or Before:" is not the current day's date, but the previous day's date)

6. Click OK.
7. Allow SOFTDENT Software to generate the report and clear the missed appointments.
8. Check the previous day in the scheduler to verify that the posted appointments are now saved.

**The Missed Appointments Report has to be ran everyday in order to have a history of posted appointments shown on the scheduler.  When running the Missed Appointments Report, do not change the default date the report shows.**