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SoftDent - Tip - Marking a Short Call Appointment/Short Call List

You can easily flag patient appointments, for patients who would like to come in sooner.  


  • Make the appointment
  • Check the short call box as displayed below
  • Make an appointment note with the patient preferences (example: wants any Wednesday sooner)
  • Click ok
  • A Red Phone will appear on the appointment cart (noting a short call appointment)


Running the Short Call List Report

The Short Call List report generates a list of patients willing to move the scheduled appointment time if an earlier appointment is available. Select the Short Call checkbox in the Appointment Card or Tickler Entry windows.


  • To generate the Short Call List report:
  • Click Reports 
  • Click Recall/Appointments
  • Click Short Call List
  • Print
  • OK
  • Select all options that apply
  • Length = 0 (this includes any appointment length)
  • Providers 999 = all providers (optional to select 1 particular provider)
  • Click OK



Canine III

Hi there SoftDent Girl, 

I followed your instructions, but the only results I got was the one person that is actually in the short call list. I would like to receive the results as you describe here and how you showed me at the GOHS last year. Any tips? Is it different with a cloud office?

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It should be the same for cloud users.  I have a quick question; did you happen to print preview the report? When you Generate the Short Call List, you actually get 2 reports.   Page 1 is the short call Tickler Report, Page one is for patients placed into the tickler without an appointment, page 2 is the short call list, this report is a list of patients you flagged as a short call (they have an appointment but want to come sooner)

please let me know if this helped.

if not email @  or text me @ (814) 241-2412, I can set up a time to assist. 

I'm going to amend your name to softdentdreamgirl! Thank you soooo much. This I what I'M talking about.

I never looked to see thatn there was a second page. You can inform Arric, who spent a considerable amount of time with me yesterday puzzling over it.

Smiley Very Happy

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I am glad I could help!