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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

SoftDent V17 - Couple Things


Hello Everyone, 

Some issue with SD 17 have been raised and I wanted to make sure I had all the information before I posted here so it's taken me a few days. Apologies for the delay. 


1. eForms - We encountered an initial challenge with eForms functionality but we now have a solution and any customer is welcome to update to v17. Currently, this solution involves additional work from our service team after an update is complete so to make for the smoothest transition possible we will be shipping to the remainder of our eForms customers once 17.1 is available. Regardless, if you want the update we can get it to you sooner and you will be able to enjoy all the value of v17. 



2. VixWin and Dexis - We have been notified of an issue with the integration that was developed by VixWin and Dexis to integrate into SD, after a customer updates to v17. We are working with these third parties in order to have the issue rectified for our mutual customers. As we progress we will provide further updates and you will also want to check with any third party vendor that integrates into our software as they may have solutions or ways to ensure that both components work as desired.

We do have a workaround for Dexis but not for VixWin yet.

[Updated ] Dexis/VixWin have a solution. Please contact them for the fix.

I know there are other frustrating issues offices are encountering and I encourage you to go through proper support channels so we can effectively address them. 

Thanks for your patience.


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: SoftDent V17 - Couple Things

So Dexis/Vixwin now has a fix for the bridge issue. If you are a Dexis/Vixwin customer you can contact their support to administer the fix.