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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

SoftDent V18 - Known Issues

I am keeping a log here of issues that come in from customers.


SD Crash When Deleting a Distributed (Split) Payment (Non-Credit Card)

Recreate Steps:

1. Go to any patient transactions or account and click "Y" for the Payments window to open.

2. Post a distributed payment (insurance or personal payment).

3. Attempt to delete the distributed (Split) payment, click Edit in any of the Split payments and click "Delete" > SoftDent crashes with the error below:

“There was an unexpected error in the program. SoftDent will now attempt to shut down".

Note: If you experience this crash, once you reopen SD, the payment will still need to be deleted.


1. Go to System and click on “Modify Balance”.

2. Go back to the patient that has the Split payment posted and open the transactions window, click delete on each of the Split payments to delete one by one.

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Canine II

Re: SoftDent V18 - Known Issues

Thank you for doing.  Just got my disk this week.  Will probably keep an eye on this thread for awhile before installing!

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