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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

SoftDent can set up reoccurring monthly charges to a patient's credit card

Do you have patients with large balances?  Do you want to offer them a payment plan option but not create more work for yourself?  Do you wish that monthly credit card payments "ran themselves"?  They can!  

SoftDent ePayments (through TSYS) not only gives you the ability to make credit card payments right through SoftDent (cut back on steps and reduces data entry/transposition errors) but also gives you the ability to set up a reoccurring credit payment and forget it.  The system runs the card for you (even if it's a weekend or holiday) and when you settle your next credit card batch the money is automatically charged for the specified amount on the specified day each month and deposited into doctor's bank account.  This regulates cash flow and allows you to cut back on required monthly billing.  We offer very competitive rates too... Let us know if you'd like more information.  

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