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Softdent Data Management

I'd like to see Softdent become more "proactive" in providing hints and clues as to possible duplicate entries.  For just one example, suppose you are entering a "what you thought was a new patient" but in reality it was a patient of record that got married and from the phone call you search the last name and start creating a new patient from there.  As a result, you could possibly have a duplicate patient (with the exception of the last name).  What if Softdent could match similar data as the data is being entered, and the strength of the "possible match" suggestion increase with more matches?  In my example, of course with the first name, there would be likely many matches.  But what if you combine that with the birthdate, SSN, and other demographic data as entered, then the matches become more and more likely.  This would be a "real time" possible match scenario.  Same would be for insurance plans, insurance companies, etc.

Then, what if there was a utility that would look for duplicates already in the database?  For those of us long time users of Softdent, I know our data is rife with duplicates.  Softdent has the ability to merge insurance plans and insurance companies, but the Softdent user has to look and find those duplicates on their own.  A utility to scan the databases and provide a log or list of potential duplicates would be very helpful with our data.

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Re: Softdent Data Management

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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