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Canine II

Softdent Enhancement Request

1- Billing Statements - add more spaces to add notes and messages

2- Need to be more user friendly showing ICONS like the Dentrix, so we can add team members with beginning dental terminology

3- Need to combine account mode and patient mode. It is JUST way TOO confusing. We have one account for each patient, and we have a code that says it's a child so we dont bill the child

4- add a special alert stating that the patient is a child

5- add alert stating that this pt is a Delta Dental pt

6- should a section for occupation on the pt mode

7- should be able to print pt's call list & bday list with pt's email and pt's cell phone, which it only currently shows home and address

8- should be able to see not just one or the other pt's cell phone , email address, and home phone on the scheduler

9-Should be able to enter more additional comments on the primary trmt plan section , add more room /space to write

10-should have section to enter driver's license # on pt mode

11- should have a section to enter relatives and friends in the office

12-should be able to enter country code if foreigner or out of country phone number and cant even put the foreign country address and zip code

14- should have a utilities feature to default every patient’s primary contact as the cell phone


Why is patient named Chi- La still having some insurance credit even if he is maxed out $2000 for 2018?

Why is patient Nidahl Damen walkout statement showing that he has an insurance payment due of over $3000 however his insurance is only $1500 per year?

15 - Can we change our treatment form plan? One more professional looking.

16- Cant change order of trmt plan group numbers to move down if we want to change and add another group 1 to the top so trmt ins benefits doesnt look like it's max out (to reestimate ins amount benefits)

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Softdent Enhancement Request

Ok I can look at these and reach out to you with any questions. Can you email me so I can contact you that way?
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