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Canine II

Softdent Third Party Imaging Bridge

Interested in setting up the Imaging bridge to Patient Gallery. I found the tech article stating to go to C:\program files(x86) \Carestream\ Imaging Launcher and ran the Imaging launcher.exe I set the path for Patient Gallery and launched Softdent and logged in. The next step says to open the chart and go to Chart-Options-Then select Xray Tab. I do not have an xray tab. Does the office need The xray module to be able to Bridge to Patient Gallery or do they need the Third party integration module? I've called 3 times and cannot seem to get a straight answer. Any help would be great.

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Re: Softdent Third Party Imaging Bridge

yes , imaging and imaging integration options should be activated in the license file in order to use (chart - options - xray ) 
can you please send me a private message with contact info and office information to follow up for you