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Canine II

Softdent Version 18 glitch in recent update- ICM 0 not deleting ins claims after being submitted

After we installed version 18 we found there was a glitch when submitting insurance claims to the insurance company when the payment was going to the patient.  In the past the claim marked ICM 0 was deleted after the claim was submitted to the insurance.  After the install the insurance claim is no longer viewable and but the claim is still open.  

I called support & they said they were aware of the issue.  Is the patch coming out in Version 19?  We do not participate with any insurance companies so there is a large amount of insurance claims that I have to work around to go back and adjust each claim to make it look as though it was paid.

Any advise?  I do not want to change the ICM to another ICM as this is the way that we know which patient owes the entire amount when checking out.



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It's fixed in 19 but that won't be out until Q1 next year. We are working on a utility to clean up the claims in the meantime. That should be out after the first of the year.
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@Anon do you know? 

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