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Softdent and posting credit card payments


Got a great tip over the weekend at the ADA in Denver regarding Softdent v.16 and settings to Automatically display the Payments Screen when posting a payment code.

Worked most of the day until .....

We received those insurance credit card payments today in the mail.  Seems that trying to post those code ranges (11-13) doesn't quite work in the payment screen.  Or more specifically, doesn't allow you to post.  Had to revert back to the original way to post - via in the Patient Transaction screen.

Any suggestions?  Anything we're doing wrong?


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Softdent and posting credit card payments

Hi Dr. Cavola!  

   Yes, turning on the option to automatically display the payment screen is highly recommended - glad someone showed you!  Insurance payments via credit card should be codes 11.93, 12.93, 13.93, and 14.93.   First make sure they have been created in your codes under List Menu > ADA Codes.  Then, to ensure they work correctly in the payment screen, please double check your settings under File Menu > Practice > Default ADA tab to make sure those codes are listed as the default insurance payment by credit card codes.  

You should be able to post these codes through the payment screen with no problems. It could just be a small tweak that we need to make in your step-by-step posting process but let's make sure the codes are all set up correctly first.  If you have any trouble, please let me know. 


Danelle (SD Trainer) 

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Re: Softdent and posting credit card payments

Thanks.  Seems to have all the codes and the settings correct.  May have been just a little confusion in the process on yesterday.  The afternoon seemed to flow better.

This morning hit another snag:  this one sounds serious .

Softdent says "Can't distribute Care Credit Payments".  A patient was using Care Credit to take care of his whole family's account, including balances with other family members.  Instead, the workaround was to apply the full amount the of Care Credit charge for the individual patient, and then we'll have to use the payment screen to transfer the credits ... opposite of what the intention of using the payment screen in the first place.


Dr. Ron Cavola

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Premolar III

Re: Softdent and posting credit card payments

Hi Dr. Cavola,

Take a look at the charges on that family's account.  CareCredit cannot distribute a single payment to more that one provider.  So if you have a service posted under your name and another posted under the hygienist or maybe your former partner, the distribution will not work.  CareCredit works at the provider, not practice, level.  Let me know if this fits the scenario you're seeing.

And thanks again for being part of the Community!