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Softdent cloud security breach

Our office has been tolerating crippling performance issues and poor functionality of the Softdent cloud program for years and now back to back security breaches. Rest assured all of it is very likely tied to the hopelessly outdated, unsupported, antiquated Windows 2008 Server the platform is running on in addition to the outdated Citrix server that connects us to their “cloud” program. This is likely why they have not been able to improve the performance and functionality of Softdent and why there are security vulnerabilities. It may also be that this old legacy Softdent program won’t even run on the current Microsoft Server platform without major upgrades and overhauls and we all know there have been virtually none. It’s a real mess and we just can’t keep running a dental practice like this. At $5,000/month you expect more from your PMS We are transitioning out ASAP
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Softdent cloud security breach

Hello @DrBruceGouin -

We understand your frustration and hope our phone call earlier shed some light on the situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us so we can do better in the future.

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