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First Molar I

Softdent enhancement request

I have two enhancement requests, specifically in the InOffice screen in Softdent.

1.  Re:  Options on left.  I would like the ability to either/both alphabetize the options list, or Softdent organizes by usage.

2.  Re:  Show images on left.  When you click on the "show images" then the thumbnails of the corresponding images appear.  However, when you want to close using the "hide images" option on the left - that option is hidden and you have to pull list down in order to click on the "hide images".  That option should be readily available.


Dr. Ron Cavola

Premolar III

Good Morning dr.cavola​,

Thank you for the suggestions.  On the second one, many users use the CTRL+S option to show/hide thumbnails.  Give it a try, it saves clicks.  Suggestion 1 is a little more complex, the language SoftDent is built on doesn't handle active sorting of menu items. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello dr.cavola

Thank you for your enhancement request. I know jeffrey.urkevich checks this site along with the Customer Portal.  You can also access the Customer Portal from, and then select the Idea Exchange

I am sure your feedback will be acknowledged by jeffrey.urkevich as soon as he can! Hope this helps!

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