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Canine III

Statement for a single account

Is it possible to create a statement for an individual account? How/where would I find the option to print one?

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Go to the account select option billing statement, print it or send it to the batch

Thank you! 

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First Molar I

You can run an individual statement or individual walkout on each patient.  When you are in the transactions for that patient, look under Options on the left hand side, a little more than halfway down.  Then you can run either that you want.

I should have asked my question differently. The balance is from 5/31/2017. I would rather send a statement than a list of transactions. 

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Yes, you can print transactions for a particular date or date range on each patient or account.  Go into Transactions for the patient or the account, depending on what you want to run.  On the left side of Options, right below the patient or account walkout, there is Print Transactions OR just do "P".  Select how you want to print - printer or preview - and then add the date or date range.  You can also change the name of the report.  This is a report we run for many patients when they want their dental expenses for tax purposes.  We will either print it and mail it OR print it to pdf and send it encrypted.