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Our statement settings are set at Set the "Please Pay By" date on the billing statements to be:  25 days from billing date. But our statements are reading Billing Date Charges or Payments After Billing Date Will Appear on Next Statement. The billing due date is not showing up anywhere. Not sure when that changed, they used to show a billing due date. 

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Re: Statements

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I'm finding that if you use the billing statement form with Credit Card

(Visa/MC/Discover/American Express), it may not show the "Please Pay By"

box following the statement creation date. If this is the case for you,

try the billing statement form without Credit Card Information. To check

or make this selection, goto:

1. Click System in the main menu bar.

2. Select Forms Selection.

3. Select the desired Billing statement form format from the drop-down


4. Click OK to save the changes.

David McCrory| Technical Support Analyst

Office: 866.435.7473 Fax: 678.247.0267

Carestream Dental LLC

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First Molar I

Re: Statements

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Regarding statements, I would like the notes that go onto a Walk out statement go on a billing statement.  When we post an EOB, we might add the deductible amount or the patient has maxed their benefits and it would be helpful if that explanation was on the statement.  Because if they owe any money after insurance has paid, a statement is what gets sent.

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