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Canine II

Submitting Secondary with NEA - glitch

Does anyone else have this problem when submitting EOBs as NEA attachments on a secondary insurance claim?

The primary claim did not have an NEA attachment.  After creating the secondary claim, but before submitting it, I create and attach an NEA attachment that contains only the primary EOB image (.jpg).  

At this point, Softdent correctly adds the NEA# to the secondary claim, and it can be seen both in the "NEA Status" field of the outstanding Insurance window, as well as in the "View Claim" Status tab in both the NEA Status field and in the Notes Section.  So far so good.

However, after I click "Submit Secondary" the NEA status switches to "required", the Note section switches back to "reserved for NEA" and a new field under the notes shows up with "Primary NEA#" and the NEA# of the attachment I just created.  Then I get warnings about a missing attachment when submitting through the clearinghouse.

Has anyone else found a workaround to this glitch?


PS -- the secondary insurance company and plan are both set up properly for NEA/ECS attachments/submissions.

PPS -- this doesn't always happen.  Only about 2/3 of the time -- even with the same patient.

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