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Support for Electronic Services

Support for Electronic services is becoming a joke.  It takes awhile to get a support rep, maybe even a call back, and then when they do call back, the support rep is pretty useless.  We've had multiple calls within the last few work days, trying to work through specific eclaim error messages, and no resolution at all.  The last one, today, the rep said "we'll have to call you back".  Really?  We called b/c of an issue, and now we've got to wait for them to solve?  Come on ...

In years past, reps would not only help solve an issue, but also if a claim did not get submitted, they would generously offer to resubmit the claim to the clearinghouse, eliminating the need, and the expense, to submit the claim again.  I don't know how many times we are submitting specific claims to remedy a specific insurance id issue, but I know it's more than twice.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Dr Cavola,
Thanks so much for reaching out to us with this feedback.  My sincere apologies for any challenges your practice has encountered with our support team.  As Carestream Dental continues to increase our global presence, the company recently implemented a global support center, which is an extension of the Atlanta-based technical support team. 

These support agents are still relatively new and continue to learn the software as well as the troubleshooting techniques.  We appreciate your continued patience as we work diligently with this new team to get them up-to-speed.  In the interim, if you experience unresolved challenges, feel free to email our escalation team at

Kind Regards,
Paul Snyder