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Iam very put out that I have to schedule an upgrade with softdent and tell them exactly what I want done then when times comes for the up date I don’t have a technician with the level of knowledge to preform what is scheduled to be addressed.

today tried to go from version117.1.1-s to just 18.0 without the scheduler and the support person could not do it so the day was wasted also when I switched to CS imaging from Dexis I was a told better quality and the images are not as good as they where with dexis and software not as user friendly. And after being told what drive to download the images on they put them where they wanted anyway and now have to have a top tier support person to schedule that with to get it fixed.

So I  have had the cs imaging since April and has not been fixed yet and not sure date that version 18.0 came out but still not updated to where I need to be unable to get support needed but still have to pay a fortune every month for unhelpful support.

also don’t understand why all e services can not be bundled with a great price instead of every single service billed separate at expensive rates.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Support

Good Morning, 

I am sorry to hear that you experienced some difficulty with out support team.  I would like to examine the call history to gain a better understanding of the situation so that we can take corrective action and make things right for you.  If you could provide your account number, practice name or main office telephone number, I'd be happy to look into it.  If you would rather email me the information, that would be fine as well.

Paul Snyder
Senior Manager, Technical Solutions 

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