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Canine II

TeamTalk when moving an appointment

Due to multiple factors, there are a number of patients that are deliberately scheduled in specific ways (even though it does not appear logical to an outsider on the daily op schedule). It is easy to forget who these patients are, so I would like a TeamTalk reminder if I try to move one of these patients' appointments. I've figured out that I can create a TeamTalk reminder that appears when I schedule a new appointment for these patients, but not one for when I drag a previously existing appointment to another location on the schedule. Is this possible?

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Canine III

Re: TeamTalk when moving an appointment

I agree!!  We had an issue just the other day with a special needs patient who gets violent if not seen by a specific hygienist.  Someone unknowingly moved her to a different provider.  Thankfully we caught it before she arrived and moved things around to avoid the blow up.  BUT it would be great if something popped up when we drag appointments!