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Technical questions and issues related to SoftDent installs

Over the years we have had many problems installing major SD updates, adding or replacing workstations, etc. which always require changes in the file server and support help.  My IT guy works with other PM softwares and says that SD is a nightmare compared to all of the rest.  Jeffery told me a couple months ago that this issue was known and being explored.  Since he is gone, does anyone know if the workstation/networking/server general installation issues will be improved in SD 17?  Thanks.

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: ?

Good morning Dr. Butz,

Any work related to software changes (such as this) are recorded in our tracking system and therefore not lost when someone such as Jeff is no longer with the company.

These issues are still on the table. That said, we are focused on completing the first of our major v17 releases. Development will continue on that for approximately the next month at which point we will be reviewing other items for development to address. Thank you for participating in the Exchange and please let me know if there's anything I can assist with.


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Re: Technical questions and issues related to SoftDent installs


GREAT point.  Softdent introduced the SUS (Software Update System) many, many versions ago, but no one uses it.  Even if we are getting a new version update, Support uploads the CD disk copy onto our server from which to install.  I asked about that the last time and the answer was .... SUS is unreliable.

Now, since it's Thursday - I'll do a throwback Thursday.  Years and years ago I complimented Softdent and the developers for making the workstations MUCH EASIER to install.  It used to be just double click on the SD icon on a workstation and there is a version check, and if there is a newer version on the server, the install will start when you click OK to begin.

That is NOT the recommended way to install a workstation anymore either ....

PS., welcome to the exchange.

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