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Telephone # lookup suggestion

We would like to ask you add a feature to look up patient info based on phone #'s just as the same as if looking up by first/last names or DOB's for example.  The reason why is sometimes people leave a message and if the message is not clear, we may not be able to hear it correctly.  

Also, there are a few who call and are rude, etc, and it would be useful toconnect the phone # potentially to a person's account. 

If you have any other questions, please call me at 630-830-4930 or 630-660-2931

Thank you, James P Economos DDS, Best Dental Group, Bartlett, IL 


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First Molar I

@JPEDDS  - there are two ways that already exist.  One is that if you're on Softdent Scheduler then in the look up field you can just type the phone number and it will look for matches.  If not, then in Softdent you create a patient "user-defined" look up phone number report.  Type in the phone number you want to look up and let it run ... 

This is true if you have the "New Scheduler". Most offices have the Classic version of SoftDent scheduler. 

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Where would you find this look up field? 

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