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Canine III

Tertiary Insurance


Is there any way to set up three insurances for one patient?  I see there are places for up to four Guarantors, but in the patient Insurance section, there are only primary and secondary.  Any tips or shortcuts?  Thanks.

Rich F

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Canine III

Several other software programs for dental offices can accommodate three, even four insurances for submission. No reason Softdent shouldn't be able to adapt as well, even without a change from the ADA. 

Premolar I

In addition, you could use the team talk feature to apply a pop up reminder to switch to the tertiary once the secondary pays to keep track of those situations

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The ADA form needs updated to accommodate 3 Insurances, once this happens, SoftDent could easily be updated to address this.  At this time, it does not make sense to make changes in the Software until the ADA form has a spot for it.  

Canine III

Ok, thanks.  I figured that but was hoping maybe there was a way I didn't know about 😞

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Premolar II

At this time, SOFTDENT Software can only process and submit primary and

secondary insurance claims.

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Hi richf‌, 

David is correct - our software currently does not have the capability to process tertiary dental insurance for a single patient.  What I have found as a suitable work around in the past is listing the three insurances in the account, then after the secondary pays, switch the link for the secondary plan on the patient to the third plan and send again.

Hope this helps!