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Canine II

To have options to add Documents -for Labs and Providers

My idea is to have option to add all documents relate for Lab and Providers

1-Examples :Fee schedule documents and Stamens in the lab size

2-We can add Licenses, Malpractice ,DEA and credentialing's and mores Documents at the provider Providers size .


Maria D Herrera Dentistry .PC

CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Good morning Angie,

I am not 100% sure of what you are requesting. So forgive me if I misinterpret what you are asking.

Currently in SoftDent you can add as many Documents as you need, attached to your Lab records. Go to List>Labs. Look on the Options bar on the side. (could be on left or right depending on your settings)

Click Documents. Here you can add new documents. You can do the same thing under Referring Dr as well.


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The option is there, but to my knowledge SD creates an error and you cannot load documents in the lab , provider or employee tabs

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