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Canine II

Treatment Plan Postcards ( End of year-use your benefits)

Has anybody been able to figure out how to print postcards for unscheduled treatment?  The recare postcard format isn't working.  What a great option to have for the future!

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

I agree that would be a nice addition. I did some digging to try to find a solution. I could not find a way to print Postcards for treatment plans. But you can generate labels. That way you can purchase post cards that are preprinted with a nice message/picture. Then all you have to do is stick on a label. 

Reports>Patient>Labels>User Selected   In the Output Option window be sure to select Laser Label File

On the setup window click on the Trans/Category Tab. Double-click on Type. Set the Op to EQ (for equal to) and the Value to P (for primary treatment plan) Then click OK. 

To print the labels go to Reports>Print Laser Labels. It will show you the count so you can insert enough of the label sheets. Then print selected. 



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