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Canine II

Treatment Plan - attaching after work completed

If I have a treatment plan and somehow the worked gets scheduled and completed without "attaching" it the plan, how can I, at a later date, attach the TP to the work or archive it so it does not show up on my current treatment plan reports? 

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Re: Treatment Plan - attaching after work completed

Archiving Treatment Plan Groups

When a treatment plan item is completed and posted it is automatically moved to the Archived Treatment Plan.

1. Enter the patient's treatment plan.
2. Click 
Change State in the express bar.
3. Depending on which 
Treatment Plan the transactions that are to be archived, select the proper Treatment Plan drop-down arrow (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary).
4. Select
 Declined - Move transactions to Archived TP from the drop-down menu.
5. Enter the "
Group #" in the proper Treatment Plan's field. By default, "0" is entered. This selects all groups within the treatment plan.
6. Click 
OK. The selected groups will be archived.