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Premolar II

Update from 117.0 to 117.1

On Friday, I drove 30 minutes to work on my day off to finally install the update from 117 to 117.1 only to be told it was not possible.  To say we are frustrated is an understatement.

1.  Why doesn't CS/SD offer support across the time zones?  I would have preferred to do the update after hours but we are on PST while CS is in EST and I have to adjust to EST working hours.  This resulted in being forced to come in on a Friday, while the office is closed, which meant waiting about 6 weeks for a Friday appointment.  

2.  Why would the operating system requirements change from 117 to 117.1???  We are on Windows 7 for our server and workstations.  The support tech took one look at our system and said we should have never been scheduled for this update - that we need to upgrade our server before we can install the patch that fixes all the 117 bugs.  This is unacceptable to us.  We were able to update to 117, therefore any fixes to 117 should be able to be performed on the same system.  

Is anyone else experiencing these issues? 

Are there any issues with updating to Windows 10?  We did not do the Windows 10 update because SD wasn't compatible with it when it came out....

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Canine III

I am running v17.1.  (Client-Server version).  I upgraded from version 16 - never installed v17.0.  My Server is running Windows Server2012.  All my workstations are running Windows 10 and have been doing so pretty much since Windows 10 came out with no problems.  I have one workstation still running Windows 7 because my Panorex software is supposedly not compatible with Windows 10 (I'll need to check on that).  This workstation is running Softdent as well with no problems.  

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