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Canine III

Updating treatment plans and future appts. with new pricing.

When I was updating the pricing for codes in the ADA codes menu I was prompted to choose whether I wanted to update treatment plans and future appts with the just input data. I was in a hurry and said no. Yet I guess that means that it will never happen because it's not prompting me again. 

Is there a way to globally update the changes made to appts and treatment plans with new pricinG?Aany help is appreciated. 

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Yes, you can go here in your SoftDent.

System>Fee Maintenance>Update Fee Schedule



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First Molar I

@bgalofredds YES - there is a utility specific for this, Fee Update Utility.  Use it to not only update fees, and update treatment plans, but also update pending appointments as well as future appointments.  

This utility is a stand alone utility, has more functionality than what is available inside Softdent.

Call Support and ask for them to download the utility onto your server.