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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

User Selected Reports - Tips

Most of your everyday reports are built into SD. Although functional, they may have its limitations.

For example, let's say you wanted to generate a report of active patients that were last seen in the past 6 months that are between the ages of 18-30. Unfortunately, there is no built-in report that would generate all of that information onto one report.

That's where the user selected report comes in handy. By using what's known as operators (op values) you can customize a report based on certain criteria that you enter. (see below screenshot for the op values and their usage)

Like any program, there are rules to be followed. For example, the EQ (equal to) and NE (not equal to) can only be used in one value per criteria. (see below example)

If two EQ or NE values are entered into a specific criteria, one will negate the other and will skewer your results. 

Once you understand how to use the op values and adhere to the EQ/NE rules, you can create virtually any report that you can think of (provided that there is a criteria for it) 

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