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Premolar I

What program opens a .REP file?

When I print a report to the File option, it saves it as a .REP file.  But I can't find a program that will open it so that it is in a readable format.  I've tried WordPad and Notepad.  Also, why is printing to Excel not an option on some reports but it is on others?

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Canine II

Re: What program opens a .REP file?

.REP files are partial database files that are used primarily in third party programs; importing insurance claims to a 3rd party electronic filing program, for example. They can be opened in Word or Excel, however the readability can be hit or miss.

Some reports are currently too complex to be formatted properly into Excel documents.

The current list of reports that are Excel compatible (v14.x and newer) is in the link below.

Excel Compatible Reports - 

I hope this helps

Premolar I

Re: What program opens a .REP file?

Thank you, Joshua! 

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