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Canine III

What's New from v16 to v17

I recently updated from version 16 to version 17.1.  I skipped the update to the first v17 release, hoping to avoid some bugs.  So far so good.  There is a nice video showing what's new in version 17.1 but I think these are only the changes from v17 to 17.1.  I am trying to find out what changed from version 16 to 17.  I know one big change is that more than one workstation can have access to a chart and transactions at the same time.  This is a big change, but is not mentioned in the 17.1 video.

I have called Softdent tech support and they have referred me to Customer Service.  Customer service tells me to call tech support.  They have sent me the v17.1 change log but nobody seems to be able to find the v17 change log.  I know when I got my v17 disk (not 17.1), there was a video included that I looked at but I no longer have this disk.  Can anybody tell me where to find the version 17 change log?  Thanks.

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Re: What's New from v16 to v17


I'm glad things are running smooth so far. When we switched over the community, some things got lost. Here is a Feature List for V17. Let me know if there's anything else you are looking for.

Major updates:

- New Overview Tab in the Clinical Module
- New Tabs in Clinical - Notes, Docs, Labs
- Parallel Workflows - Multiple user in a Patient's account
- Updated Color Scheme




  • Clinical Module: Overview tab:
    • Overview tab: See the patient's perio chart,
    • Overview tab: see information about the patient's next appointment
    • Overview tab: See the most recent Clinical Images on the Overview page
    • Overview tab: Clinical Module: Overview tab: See treatment plan information
    • Overview tab: See specific treatment plans
    • Overview tab: See most recent clinical notes- Exclude imaging notes
    • Overview tab: See what procedures the patient had performed during past visits
    • Overview tab: See the patient's hard tissue/restorative chart with clinical history
  • Clinical Module: Replace existing clinical tabs (Restorative, Perio, Exams, Imaging, and Treatment Plan) with newly designed tabs.
  • Clinical Module: Tabs in the Softdent to have a more modern color scheme.
  • Clinical Module: Clinical Notes: New Notes, Labs, and Documents tabs
  • 17 CS Record Locking - Allow Multiple User in a Record
  • Update v17 application launch splash screen
  • Update the v17 install splash screen
  • Updated the palette window background changed in the UI Refresh initiative
  • The background Color for the UI with small windows to have a grey background color of #9E9E9E.
  • Clinical Module: Option Choose which clinical screen loads first when I open the charting module
  • All windows: updated color palette
  • Updated login window to reflect branding
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Canine III

Re: What's New from v16 to v17

Perfect.  Thanks!

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