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What's New in Softdent version 18??

Please be advised this is tongue in cheek .... (somewhat mostly 😉

I am old enough and a "seasoned" Softdent user to remember the day when a Softdent upgrade in a digit to the left of a decimal point meant a MAJOR upgrade - packed with at least ONE new feature, but more often that not MULTIPLE new features ...  For example, a version 10 to version 11 upgrade meant some big changes were implemented ... and that a numerical change to the right of the decimal point meant a "maintenance" upgrade - as defined as enhancements to current features for improvements but NO new features.  Some of those were seen visibly, but some of those were under the hood.

Fast forward to our new Softdent version 18.  Here's the list:

-- ePayments Secure.  An enhancement from version 1 to version 2

-- enhanced ways to print routing slips

--enhanced ways for Docs to review clinical notes

--enhancements to Team Talk

--enhancements to Place of Service on insurance claims.

I may be missing something (not likely since we also beta testing the version (called SD version 17 in beta), but there are no NEW features brought out by this upgrade. 

I believe this is a marketing gimmick .... brought about not be the development team, but the folks in charge.

Hopefully this is a "blip" in the lifespan of Softdent.  If not, they're working on some color enhancements for version 19!!!





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Canine III

For the first time, I'm experiencing a freezing of the software right around 4pm-5pm. It has spiraled to the point where I'm here with my last patient and I can't check him out. Is anyone else having this issue. It is really unacceptable. Smiley Mad


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Support is going to want to know about your antivirus and if there is a scheduled scan during that time.  Also, you might want to check and see if this happens network wide, or just a workstation or two.  And then ... see if there were any recent Windows updates that may have caused a monkey wrench in the OS ...  

FYI - there used to be a "Ninja" task of updates and Windows files and checks to keep our systems as clean as possible.  Don't know what happened to the Ninja task ... oh well.  Good luck.

Thanks Dr. Great suggestion about the anti-v scan. I think it scans at night, but will check. And those Windows updates…argh.

I’m in contact with Carestream. With God’s help we’ll get to the bottom of this.

I appreciate your feedback; it surely encourages me to know I’m not out here in space with no colleagues to communicate with.

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this is not normal, but working with support should get to the bottom of this. Good luck, thanks for the post
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Hi Dr. Cavola,

We certainly appreciate your feedback here.

I have heard from application specialists that major release numbers (18, 19) does make our customer base a little more hesitant to upgrade over minor release numbers (17.1, 18.1) and I can totally understand that.

We do have a process for deciding what release number to use and it has to do with the amount of risk we are introducing with the release. Since V18 had ePayments, we made changes to how offices receive and process financials. I think you would agree that this is a medium to high risk so it called for a major release for number for V18. 

Also, If you look at the definition of feature vs enhancement from a development standpoint:

"A feature is new functionality i.e. a user can do something new with the software. An enhancement makes doing something that was possible before simpler, more powerful or adds somehow to existing functionality."

If we agree on this definition, V18 does have new features along with enhancements:

  • Feature: While ePayments Secure does include enhancements, it also has new features since you can now take mobile payments and chip/pin with the Ingenico that you couldn't do before
  • Feature: 'Reviewed by Doctor' checkbox is a new feature since you couldn't do it before
  • Enhancement: More ways to print routing slips
  • Enhancement: Additions to Team Talk Information
  • Enhancement: Place of Service entries added to insurance claims.

I hope that helps with the decision for the major release.
I wish we could have got in more with V18, trust me!

Let me know if I can answer any questions!





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Tyson, thank you for clarifying this.



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