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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

What's the Earliest Date You Would Install CDT Codes?

If the CDT codes were available in August, and you could choose anytime after that to install, when would you proceed with updating to next year's CDT codes?

Thank you for your feedback!

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First Molar I

Re: What's the Earliest Date You Would Install CDT Codes?

I would install any current CDT codes immediately. Secondly, I generally add the
Next years CDt codes the last few weeks of December so that I can do fee schedule maintenance as well as update bluebooks at Plan level. Proper CDT use can increase a provider reimbursement levels. Secondly, tx estimation and ledgers could reflect current plan limitations and payable codes. States in which have non-covered/ fee capping protection can benefit from proper fee schedule entry at Ins Company level and according to State legislations will create more accurate TX plans and ledgers and stave off ugly financial discussions.