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Xrays not showing


The DB folder has 3471 folders. That is the number of patients that have been registered. 

However, the Imaging software only shows 4301 patients, so around 70 of them are missing. Those are the last 70 patients that we have registered. Like they are missing from the database, but the folders are there, they just cannot be read by the software.

How can I fix this?

Thanks, Gorazd


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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: Xrays not showing

This is best handled by a SoftDent technical solutions representative. They may need to log into your server and possibly run a utility to fix the connection between SoftDent and Carestream Dental imaging database. Please give SoftDent Support a call when the time in convenient for you to have a representative log in to trouble-shoot this issue. Below is a link for the SoftDent support contact information.



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First Molar I

Re: Xrays not showing


While you're waiting for Support to help you fix the issue, I'd suggest you do a little checking of at least one of those 70 folders and find a patient who has recent images.  First, see if you can access the same image throughout your office workstations, including the server.  If you have some that you can confirm, but some that have the message "image not located" (or something similar), then right click on the image, go to properties, and then notate the "path".  That will give you a clue as to the database number.  Our office has only one database number path, so that every image can be accessed by every computer.  That information will certainly help the Support Rep.  You may have different databases which contain a number of different images.  

If that's the case, there is an "image move utility" that will move needed images into the main image path.  That's will fix the issue, but you'll need to find the settings of some individual workstation that acquires images which may have it's image path settings different than what is preferred.