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Canine III

Yesterdays schedule....

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Is it a setting that the old office manager used or is it across the board??? All past days schedules are blank.  In my previous office, with a different software, I was able to go back at least a year and see past days schedule.  Can I change this?

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Premolar II

Re: Yesterdays schedule....

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When the appointment history feature is enabled, the previous day's appointments do not appear on the scheduler. This results when the missed appointments list has not been run for the previous day. The missed appointments report must be run for the past day's appointments to appear on the scheduler. There is no direct report that will show a patient's appointment history. The Scheduler Audit trail or Tickler File report can be viewed or printed for more information regarding the specified patient.

Setting the Scheduler to Save History Appointments

1. Click System in the main menu bar.
2. Select Change System Settings.
3. Select Scheduler.
4. Put a check in the box labeled "Save appointments to history when transaction is posted".
5. Click OK to save the changes.

Running the Missed Appointments Report to Make the History Appointments Visible

1. Click Reports in the main menu bar.
2. Select Recall/Appt.
3. Select Missed Appointments.
4. Select the desired output option by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
5. Review the "Missed Appointment Report Setup" window. 

Make certain that the date in the field labeled "List All Missed Appointments On Or Before:" is not the current day's date, but the previous day's date)

6. Click OK.
7. Allow SOFTDENT Software to generate the report and clear the missed appointments.
8. Check the previous day in the scheduler to verify that the posted appointments are now saved.

**The Missed Appointments Report has to be ran everyday in order to have a history of posted appointments shown on the scheduler.  When running the Missed Appointments Report, do not change the default date the report shows.**