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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

eServices Tip - ePayment Payment plans

When you setup a payment plan for a reoccurring credit card payment you have the option to modify the plan without deleting the whole plan. Should a patient call up and say that I'm unable to pay the whole amount but still want to make some kind of payment, just bring up the patient that is in question -> Click on Credit Card Payment Plan -> Click on the CC Payment tab. This will show the payment schedule for the patient. Simply right mouse click on the payment you need to change and left click on Edit Amount. You will then be able to add in the dollar amount the patient wishes to pay.


NOTE : Please be aware, you will need to add the remaining dollar amount across the next few payments, last payment or add another monthly payment. Once you click OK to save, you will be prompted to print out another consent form. Since you made a change, you are changing the terms of the payment plan from when you first setup the plan.

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