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fee schedule update - Explosion codes, existing appointments DON"T UPDATE in your system

I am a 28+ year Softdent owner, currently on version 19.00.   An ongoing problem since version 17,   IF you update your fees,  the explosion codes used for recall and new appointments will NOT update for any existing appointed patients.   This means, you update your fee, but your existing appointments in the computer the next few weeks and ALL patients with their 3, 4 or 6 months recall appointment will NOT show the new fee.     *** You have to MANUALLY go through the schedule and Manually delete the recall explosion code and reinsert it,  WELCME to the 80's Carestream!

this problems has now existed to my knowledge at least 3 years with NO FIX.

confirmed by a level 2 rep, ref code 7796878,

ONGOING frustration with this software.  

PS I still have my 1995 diskettes and Sentinel for the original Softdent, 

First Molar I

Your frustration is palpable.  I was there with this very issue, likely since v17.

The good news is there is a fee increase utility to run that will update all appointments, any pending appointments, treatment plans, pending, accepted treatment plans, etc.

it is much more thorough than using the utility w/in Softdent.  I’m surprised that the level 2 rep doesn't know about it.  I’d call Support back with that reference number and ask them specifically to log in and download to the server desktop.