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Canine III

monthly ortho charge

We have a random account that gets charged xxx dollars on the first of every month. the code posted is "monthly ortho charge." How do I get this to stop?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: monthly ortho charge

@KDA43920  based on your description, this account has a budget plan attached to it.  

Open the patient record, on the bottom of the ledger you will likely see a memo indicating the the patient is on an "Ortho BP" with a dollar amount to bill: 



If this is the case, look on the Express Bar (typically docked on the left) for an option titled "Patient Budget Plan". 



Click it and after the window opens, your Express Bar options will change and you can select "Reset Budget Plan".  This will cancel the monthly charges.  



Let us know if you need further assistance, and we can get a Support Technician to reach out to you. 

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