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Canine II

new server

Trying to complete a server migration. Softdent folder was copied from old server to new. Softdent installed. Now when I open it seems like I am just opening a portal into the old server. How do I point the new install to the new server instead of just accessing the old one?

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: new server


This would be a matter of changing the start in path of the SoftDent shortcut to the new server's local SoftDent folder instead of a path to the old server's SoftDent folder. If adjusting this does not help, then it's likely the migration of data was done, but not the shutting off of PWSvr.exe, carestream services, etc on the old server. If this cannot be figured out by yourself, please call us at 866-435-7473 x2 for assistance.



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