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Canine II

routing slips

How do we customize our routing slips in softdent

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Premolar II

Re: routing slips


Steps for creating a custom routing slip:

1. Close SOFTDENT Software on all machines.

2. Open SOFTDENT Software Utilities on the server.

3. Click Customize in the main menu bar.

4. Select Modify Routing Slip Codes.

5. To Edit or Remove a code, highlight the code and:

Editing: Click Edit to modify the code

Removing: Click Cut to completely remove the code.

6. To add a code, highlight the existing code that should appear below it

and click the Insert button.

7. Enter the code number that is to be inserted.

8. Click OK.

9. Click Save when the desired codes have been changed, removed, or added.

10. Click Close.

11. Close SOFTDENT Software Utilities.

David McCrory| Technical Support Analyst

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