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Canine II

server migration error

Trying to migrate to a new server following the steps outlined in the knowledge base and run into this problem: . Setup begins but then shortly after I get an error message softdent cannot communicate with the license server located in local\pwsvr (error code -1). how do i overcome this

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

Re: server migration error


If you migrate the SoftDent directory to the new server PRIOR to running the install of SoftDent on the new server, then you will need to start the Gold Key (PWSvr.exe) from the PWSvr directory before running the install. If the key launches but does not stay running in the system tray, then search for PWClient after clicking on the start menu on the server and make sure the PracticeWorks Server path is to the local SoftDent\PWSvr directory. If this does not work, please call us at 866-435-7473 x2 so we can remote into the server and assist you.




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