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showing office fees in treatment plan vs in network rate

Hi there!  Need help.  Our office needs to bill our full office fees to insurance companies,  however, in order to collect the patient's portion up front we have to present the network fees as well.  The treatment plan module only shows the fee schedule for the patient's insurance rather than showing the office fee as well.   How do you all manage this?  I called support and they did not know how to present the patient with office fees in one column, estimated insurance (based on estimated in network fee) and patient portion (based on estimated in network fee).  Apparently many other management softwares can do this --- I just cannot figure it out for softdent.  HELP! 🙂

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CS Dental Employee
CS Dental Employee

It sounds like you have set up separate fee schedules for each code under the ADA codes and then assigned each patient according to their insurance plan. But SoftDent does have another option for setting up the insurance plan "allowed amount" that would charge out the real office fee for the procedure to the patient and on the insurance claim. SoftDent will break it down to Patient pays, insurance pays, and the write-off. 

1) List>Allowance Table  - create an allowance table for each insurance fee table. You have to click "View Codes" on the side and change each fee from your office fee to the one given from the insurance company. 

2) List>Insurance plan - Set each plan that in in PPO network to the correct Estimation Type. PPO % plan or Flat Fee PPO for all of your in network plans. 

3) On the Coverage tab, on the insurance plan set up link the plan to the Allowance table you set up with the insurance fees. This will trigger SoftDent to create Blue Book entries for each code. Say yes to replace Blue Book entries. 

4) On the patient info window set the fee schedule to "0". 

I would highly recommend a remote training session to help you with this. You can reach out to if you would like to speak with a trainer. 



This is how a prophy transaction will appear one you have it all set up. This is covered at 100%. So the patient does not pay anything. 


Here is what a crown prep transaction appears, after deductibles are met. 


The insurance claims will charge out your office full fee. 




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