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Canine II

Find Largest IDs Error

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I keep getting this error "A contact already exists with the same Unique ID (45981). You may need to run FIND LARGEST IDs. Does anyone know where this report or wizard function is? I am at a total loss. Appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

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Premolar II

Re: Find Largest IDs Error

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mscaffadds‌, This error may be caused by a corrupted contact.dat file and the built in utility, Find Largest ID, may need to be run to correct this. This should be a fairly quick utility to perform and all SoftDent users will need to log out of SoftDent software in order for this utility to be run. As always, before performing any SoftDent utility it is recommended to perform a local SoftDent directory backup.

I would recommend giving SoftDent support a phone call at your earliest convenience to have this utility performed in order to correct this issue.

SoftDent Support: 866-435-7473

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