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Canine II

How do I change a custom button to new code?

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Once I have customized a button, how do I change it to a new code? When I right click on the customized button, it only list things about the toolbar and NOT the button. Thank you

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Premolar II

Re: How do I change a custom button to new code?

Jump to solution‌, if you're referring to the charting module customized buttons then they can be reset by renaming a file within the SoftDent directory. However, that file holds the settings for all of the other customized buttons. So in changing the file, you would have to recustomize all of your customized buttons within the chart. If this is something that you would still like to do then message me your office account information and a contact and I can have a SoftDent escalations representative reach out to you to assist in resetting your customized buttons.

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