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Canine II

New Gal with Statement Q's


I have a question regarding the actual paper statements. At the bottom, it reads current balance, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, new balance. I have a patient who has a current balance of 664.50, 30 day balance of 40.90, new balance of 705.40. The patient was confused by that and wanted me to explain what that meant. I went back to look at her acct and 30 days ago the balance wasn't 40.90, so i'm a little confused on how to explain that to her. All the transactions add up correctly on her acct.

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Canine III

Re: New Gal with Statement Q's

softdentgirl‌ and chriscornett‌, can either of you assist in answering this question?

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Premolar II

Re: New Gal with Statement Q's

yujinchoidds‌, this may require someone viewing the patient's transactions and account setup. Message me directly and I'll try and get someone assigned to call and have a look if need be.

Canine II

Re: New Gal with Statement Q's

THANK YOU, I spoke with someone from softdent and they were able to help me